I’ve used the Padlet tool and found it is a great way to collaborate and share ideas. Padlet is an online board where teachers can post classroom materials and students, who have access, can post as well. Students can post their thoughts, links to resources, as well as post projects they have completed. It is secure and teachers can set their privacy settings to allow anyone to view or require a password to enter. We used Padlet to share our ideas about the text weekly. Last fall my class participated in the Global Read Aloud as we read One for the Murphys by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. During my read alouds, I have students share their thinking by turning and talking as well as writing in their reader’s notebook.


Padlet was great for various reasons. Padlet gave my students a chance to build ideas off of one another. I posted weekly questions regarding our characters and students would sign on and hold a conversation with one another. It was really powerful because I was able to hear from my shy students. Padlet gave these students a voice whereas in the class they tended to shy away from sharing their thoughts. My shy students contributed meaningful ideas about the text which everybody was able to hear. It was also great because we were able to collaborate with other classes across the country who too were reading the same book. This was a new experience for my students. I saw students put a lot more effort in their entries when we used the tool compared to when I had them write in their notebooks.

I’ve only used Padlet to build conversations amongst my students in reading thus far, but I have heard other teachers use it as an exit ticket, as a way to share projects, and for math challenges. If you have tried Padlet I am eager to try new ways to use this great tool. Please share your ideas!

2 thoughts on “Padlet

  1. I’ve never heard of Padlet but now I am interested in learning more! It sounds like an amazing tool that can be used in various ways. And I love how you used it to get all of your students participating! What a great idea! I can’t wait to read more of your posts!


  2. Padlet is an awesome tool! I love it’s ease of use and access through QR code is extremely helpful! I have used it specifically for reading like you have but I have seen it used for a variety of purposes like uploading videos of student work, graphic organizers where information needs to be moved from column to column, and answering an open ended math problem. I am thinking of using it as a kick off to students using Twitter. The roll format lends itself to mimic Twitter without it being public and can show students the flow of Twitter.


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